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What’s On In November with Lady Lock Designs

This page lets you can see all the awesome events and activities that LLD hosts. On here, just scroll down, are the daily lists of what you can use for content (post ideas,) on your Facebook business page and then share to your other media platforms, like Instagram or Twitter, (if you have them, if you don’t, maybe considering setting up an account this month too!)

The idea is to encourage a quality of growth in your online image. So, follow each daily task for the whole of November and watch your online image blossom just in time for Christmas.

Are you still feeling a bit meh? Like you need an incentive to take part, maybe win a prize?

Well this is your lucky day, we like giving prizes here at LLD. But just to make sure we don’t give too much away, we will announce the goodies over the course of the month, yes that’s plural!! On the main Facebook Page.

So, don’t be a mood hoover or a fun sponge, get entering!…… Oh yes ‘how do you do that bit?’ I hear you excitedly shouting at your devices now there are potential pretties or a feature artist blog on offer, and you know we have some amazing artists, so you have to win it right? And it’s all free to enter.

If you pop over to our mini Blogsite group on Facebook, The Lock In, there is a pinned post where it explains everything you need to know and you can leave your business page link to enter.


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