Marketing & Sales Session

These sessions are booked in 30 minute blocks at £10 – You explain and show us your product and we will work with you to devise the best methods to maximise reaching target audiences and the kind of advertising you ought to be using.

After you have filled in the form below you will be redirected to Paypal to make your payment and I will be in touch with you shortly after.

~ Lisa


For the purpose of this disclaimer, the following terms are: “services” are categorised as the one off bookable sessions. “Registered” is for tax and vat disclosure purposes.

The purpose of these services is to discuss your business to establish areas for improvement in regards to each individual service. Each paid session is for a MAXIMUM of 30 MINUTES and this will be the maximum amount of time you will receive for your paid session. Be mindful that enquires will vary and more time maybe needed to complete your requirements. This service is provided only on the agreement and confirmation via appropriate registration confirmation that your business is compliant and registered with the regulation authority in your country, for example HMRC. LLD takes no responsibility for your registration with the relevant authority. Please note this service is to advise you on how to develop your business only.

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