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Hana McDonagh: Crafty Hana

received_10157619336780634Hi there, so I’m Hana aka Crafty Hana. I am a lover of all things crafty, especially for all things paper related. My particular passions are Papercutting, Book Folding, Origami & Clay figures (technically not paper, but it is very crafty!) Originally from Surrey, recently moved to Happy Hull, alongside running Crafty Hana I have 2 little mini humans, a cat called Tilly and a pet boyfriend, Nick!

I’ve always loved arts & crafts, but from a young age was told if you want a ‘proper job’ go into the sciences, pursue a career in the financial services sector. It wasn’t until I got a bit of free time in the way of maternity leave in 2011 that I really re-discovered my first love, Art.

The name ‘Crafty’ bit of Hana came from an ‘inside joke’ between me and a few of my buddies, as I was constantly creating, making and trying out new crafts. I made so much I had to give my work away as presents and gifts. So as the joke goes. I became Crafty by name, Crafty by nature!

silverwolfpic22-heartsI set myself a challenge to only gift handmade gifts, I tried mosaic, felting, painting, candle making, cards, you name it and I’ve probably got the stuff to do it! Then there was papercutting and book folding, I absolutely loved both and when I realised I could make my own designs and people wanted to try them as well, I literally fell head first into my own business, I’d love to say it was all part of a master plan, but in fact it was all a very happy accident. By the end of 2016 I was working on different designs and graphics for making up patterns and templates for my lovely customers and providing step by step guides. I now have a page and group that combined attract over twelve thousand likers not bad for a happy accident.

Having my little Crafty Hana world, means I work solely from home, and I get to spend quality time with my young family, which in today’s fast paced society is a real treat. I am currently developing a new clay range of tiny people who are more affectionately known as the Oddbodlets!


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