We are delighted to kick back into the swing of our Friday Night Feature Artist, with the most

amazing of ladies, please give the warmest of welcomes to Jane Bannon of FIELD and FUR, the water

Artist Jane Bannon

Artist Jane Bannon

colour artist who creates the most unique, life like wildlife.

Tell us a little more about the quiet, reserved super talented Jane Bannon the artist?

Hello to you all. As Lisa states, I tend to stay away from social media and the internet and quietly

work away in my listed cottage, which is within the sound of cow bells from the fields just

across the road. Bungay is a quiet market town, which time has almost forgotten, but it is

full of artists, many of whom I walk with on the common with my 2 dogs. My days are spent

painting, packaging orders and playing chase with my two little terriers, Bella and Bertie.


Were you always interested in art as you grew up? I was always drawing and painting, with crayons,

paint or even drawing pictures with a stick on the ground. I also loved craft in any format

and I have tried my hand at most! My parents’ house is jammed full of mosaic creations,

wooden hedgehog houses, pottery (after a few terms spent in sculpture lessons) and

obviously, water colour paintings.


Artist Jane Bannon

Artist Jane Bannon

Growing up what other trends and hobbies were you into?

Apart from the hobbies listed above, I

was interested in dough dollies and stencilling and I still to this day have many examples of both. If

stencilling becomes fashionable again- I have a huge variety of my original stencils I have produced,

once again after another evening course fuelled my enthusiasm.


Did you always draw and paint animals? Yes I have. My aunt was fascinated with painting cats in oil

paints as I grew up and I spent many happy hours by her side with a brush in my hand, making a

terrible mess I am sure. There is nothing in this world that inspires me like the animal kingdom and I

could be perfectly content marooned on an island with animals as my companions and I am sure my

husband would enjoy the respite!


What’s your best tip for a novice drawer? Be patient whilst learning your own style and technique.

There is no such thing as a bad or substandard piece of art. If it was created with love and passion,

that will show in the piece. I once watched an art programme, where the person proudly showing off

their painting, stating it had taken x hundreds of hours to paint, to make it ‘perfect’. The critic just

said ‘ I can see how many hours and how much labour has gone into this piece but unfortunately you

have painted all the life out of it’ That is something I now keep firmly in my mind when painting.


If you are not drawing or painting, what do you like to do? Play with my dogs. Unfortunately, my

Artist Jane Bannon

Artist Jane Bannon

husband would prefer me to be cooking in the kitchen! The dogs win every time.


How did you find your unique style? By painting every minute I got. For a long time I did not see a

particular style which I felt was mine. It comes with time. Now I would find it extremely hard to paint

any other way.


Where do you draw your inspiration from? Life in general seeing a different animal, watching a

nature programme. Last summer there were bees on the ground everywhere I went. They need to

be gently given sugar water (if you are at home). Those bees were the inspiration of my new bee



What’s your favourite food? Chocolate, probably because I react badly to it and cannot eat it



Your favourite artist? Leonardo da Vinci, from his paintings to his mind where he created so much

more than just paintings.


Your best Joke? I am afraid I cannot say as it was first told to me by my husband who was naked at

the time, which rather made the rude joke that much funnier.


And your must have, essential desert island item? My immediate family- that includes my dogs.


What music do you love? Surprisingly rock- preferably ballads unless I am hoovering and then heavy

rock is great.


What do you like to do more than anything? Laugh. I am a terrible giggler and I laugh until my sides

hurt and tears are streaming down my face. I am immensely proud to state that my son shares this

trait- he started to cry with laughter at under 24 months of age and still does!


What time of year is your favourite and why? Winter without a doubt as I love Christmas. I love to

find the perfect gift. I also love all the silly games at Christmas but Balderdash is my firm favourite,

much to my family’s despair.


If you hadn’t become a successful artist what else would you have liked to do? I would have loved

to have been a nature conservationist or anything to do with protecting our wildlife. That includes

Artist Jane Bannon

Artist Jane Bannon

domestic animals.


So, what current ranges and events are you currently working on and to? The birds in the bird bath

and the birds on the nut feeder (pictured) are two of my newest paintings. These were done for my

mother, who kindly allows me to sell the prints. I am exhibiting at Progressive greetings card show in

London in June (trade only I am afraid). This is because I wish to move more heavily into the

greetings card market and I am now a member of the Greetings card association (GCA). New for

2017 is my range of melamine coasters- which are produced in the UK and feature a sustainable

eucalyptus wood core, melamine front and cork backing. There is a wide range to choose from:

hares to farmyard, wildlife and even my large range of dog breeds. Placemats are available upon

request. As these are sold individually, you can make your own unique sets.

Where can we see and buy your work from? There are quite a number of shops that stock my

prints, cards, box canvasses etc. However, I have a website: fieldandfur.co.uk


Do you have a bucket list and if so what’s next?
Nothing particularly exciting, just spend as much

quality time with my family and friends as I can. A recent bereavement has taught me that life is far

too short- just say what you are thinking while there is still the time.


If you could go back in time and offer yourself any life/career advice, what would that be? Life has

a funny way of placing you where you should be, at some point. I don’t think I would go back and

change anything. If I had not followed the path I have, my paintings could be very different. Just

believe in yourself then others will start to believe in you too.


Cheeky question time….. Could you be persuaded to join us for the Spring LLD Emporium Event

March 10th, we know you have lots of new online fans?

I would love to join you in this event, and also, offer a competition prize too, if that’s possible?

I am happy to offer the choice of 2x 14”x11” mounted Prints (on watercolour paper) or 1 x 20”x16”

Box canvas print with the recipient choosing the images from our website, free to the winner in

your LLD Emporium Spring Event challenge.


Wowzers, looks like LLD will be running a Competition or Challenge then! Thank you so much.


I would also like to offer your “readers” a discount code for a 20% discount off all items off the

website the code is LADYLOCK20


SHmazing!!! We couldn’t ask for any more, thank you so much Jane.


So there you go, a truly inspiring read, of a woman who believed she could so she did, she created

her own opportunities and is reaping her rewards.

I am thrilled to feature Jane Bannon and look forward to a continued positive connection with LLD

and the upcoming Spring Emporium. Thank you Jane

You can find her Facebook page here


Her website is


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