This week we have a little article written especially for us by the very wonderful Imogen Clark of Dusty Souls Art. It’s a small but fuzzy warm, snapshot into her fabulous business. I grabbed a Bailey’s on the rocks for this one!  Eeeep I am actually feeling Christmassy! 


14593331_10154568611994439_988907848_nThe arting for Christmas stock is well and truly underway at Dusty Souls Art – backgrounding baubles and painting matryoshka, half the cards are waiting for their crystals and I’ve ordered some more feathers for painted feather earrings….all in September!
Not sure if I’m panic arting due to a couple of big Christmas fayres coming up in a few months but I’m rather impressed with my organisation!!!

It’s hard to get in a panic when you live in the North East of England fifty yards from the beautiful coast but we are an art-fuelled household, acutely aware of the approaching silly season and it seems that the distracting views and community life can’t even keep us away from the studios at this time of year.

I’m one of a rare breed of UK feather artists and as this years ‘new Christmas line’ I’ve taken to tying and painting on feather earrings. 


I didn’t even know if it was possible, but I’ve made it so, as is the way of the positive thinker. 

Feather art is a consuming but rewarding pastime…the earrings even more so! I call it the labour of everyone else’s love. Time passes so quickly when you’re staring cross-eyed at the end of a 00 brush in failing autumn light and I can feel frosty the snowman breathing down my neck!!!


This year you will find me and the other half of the Dusty empire, Under the Dust, as a permanent instalment at Tynemouth’s famous station market every Saturday until they close apart for an excursion ( I like to call them working holidays) to the beautiful Skipton , North Yorkshire for a weekend of Craft in the Pen, 19/20 November


If you are not near either of the above local events, you can always shop online – warmed by the glow from your computer(!) We have a selection of wildlife art, commissioned portraits, feather art, woodcraft and seasonal decorative giftware online in the following digital events and in our stores at the bottom of this article.

Also, if you see something you love and wish to order commissioned work please do so by mid-November so I have time to get it to you!

Now –  back to the panic arting…

For our online sales, make sure you don’t miss a thing by clicking “Going” to get updates on the events:


And that was Dusty Souls Art! We’ve really loved learning more about Imogen and seeing more of her gorgeous work this week, so we’ve added a bumper bunch of photographs to give you a real taste of the loveliness she makes. If you have a handmade business and would like to be featured in our Lock In Blog, head over to our facebook group and get posting some lovely insights into your work too – it’s where we pick many of our feature artists from! 

In the meantime, these are all the links to find Dusty Souls Art on the web:

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