Hello this is me, I’m Carole from Carole Loves Art.


My story will be like many others I guess, in that I haven’t always been been a full time painter, despite the fact that I’ve been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. On leaving school I knew I wanted to be part of a creative industry so I applied to Cleveland college of Art and then studied at  Sunderland University for a  BA Hons In 3D design, specialising in glass with ceramics. However it was only much later during my years at the university of Northumbria studying for my MBA that I began to  think I could make a go of selling my work.

I had been initially diverted from a career in art by my desire to play a part in effecting social justice, and for a long time I worked in adult social care services. During this time painting was my hobby, but it’s always been my focus, my relaxation and main preoccupation.

Earlier this year I took the plunge and began to market and sell my work professionally.

I began selling small watercolours often featuring hares in moonlight. I didn’t think much about it at the time but the hares would often be looking into the distance or looking directly at the viewer in a challenging or defiant stance, maybe I was playing out my own feelings through these beautiful and mystical creatures as I took my first steps as a commercial artist.


I soon discovered that I love to see a piece go on to its final home and become part of its new owners life. The choice of frame and setting changes the painting and it becomes so much more than it was. I sometimes feel as though it was never mine when people tell me what the image means to them and why they chose it.

I find I never know what people will respond to so I make whatever I please and put it out there.

I think you have to be courageous to be an artist and to some extent ambivalent to the reaction you may or may not get. it’s lovely when someone likes your work and wants it but that doesn’t always happen and when it does happen it isn’t alway an immediate thing. Patience and confidence in what you do are probably the most important personal attributes for a professional creative as well as inspiration of course.

To misquote Thomas Edison, I believe Inspiration is one part motivation and two parts perspiration,

so I paint everyday and mount, frame, pack and network every night.

I’m supported by my partner Michael who makes frames for me and my daughter and son who help me at markets and events.

I am part of Network Artist North East ( NANE) and Love Art North East which is a wonderful initiative run by Leslie McNish a local film maker and jewellery maker that supports local artists and crafters by staging regular art markets in historic Newcastle upon Tyne venues.


More recently opportunities for collaboration with other artists is something I’m interested in pursuing. There is a fantastic sense of community amongst artists and crafters on social media sites like FB and Instagram and I love getting to know people through chatting and seeing their work, I have been so encouraged by the support other artists have given to me by buying and sharing my work and I try very hard to give back by doing the same. Which means of course my house looks like a gallery with original work jostling for wall space and a huge ‘to be hung’ stack still to go.

I am influenced by so many artists and crafters on a daily basis, of the greats Van Gogh, Klimt Frida Kahlo, Edvard Munch and many others are my sources of inspiration. I frequently reference Modern painters like Julie Dumbarton, Deborah Philips, Natalie Rhymer and Wolf Khan’s landscapes as influences on my own work and I find Richard Kuhn, Gill Button and Helen Downie’s (unskilled worker) technique and brushwork in their portraiture so apparently simple,fresh and enlivening I am constantly engaged with what they produce.


I use Colour in my work quite dramatically, in college my tutor would observe he could always tell what mood I was in by my choice of colour palette and that is still the case with me now. Although I paint in a naive, simple way my colours are often subtly blended or overlaid by layers to create depth and interest in the subject.

My work is always personal to me, somewhere I’ve been or would like to be or a feeling or emotion I’ve experienced. The cottages in the country scenes I paint will often have an anthropomorphic look, like a person contemplating or persevering – solid with warmth or strength as their abiding aspect.


Stemming from my first love of ceramics I have an appreciation of decoration and love decorative objects. My work often reflects this and I love doodling.

I’m most happy when I’m painting though and I love to be challenged or inspired by someone else’s ideas through the commissioning process. This has to be the most challenging of all artistic endeavours, no one wants to let someone down but it helps if the expectations of both parties are in accord throughout the process so I communicate progress as I go and show examples of previous work that has a similar feel or style to the person commissioning the work.


My goals for next year are to;

Work with a gallery, get the ceramics underway again, Attend more art markets ( at least once a month) and Stop using emojis ?

I studied ceramics and glass work for many years and although I have equipment and the desire to keep making 3D work I find the work too physically demanding to do on a full time basis – none the less I still make small painted items such as slate hearts, cards,  some jewellery and painted wooden boxes that are available for sale.

Thanks so much to Lisa and team for this opportunity to let people know about me and my work which can be found in private collections in America, Europe and across the British Isles.

If you would like to see more of  my work please use the links below.








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