We are bringing you all a little something special this week, a day later than the actual scary day itself as this super website was being born into the world on the Hallo’s eve. Woooo!

This artist is a huge fan of Halloween and ghouls so it was just the perfect time to ask her to share a little insight into herself, her business and her Halloween Party, yes we have pictures. Eeek!

Bigger News Flash…… she is also one of our Secret Santa Artists who will be taking part in the LLD Christmas Emporium.

Please settle into your sofa and enjoy the read with Louise Dyer of Paperlace.



14800905_10209681542808803_67246522_n• So we can’t start without asking about how you developed your love of Halloween?

I’ve always always loved Halloween my mum used to make all our costumes by hand when I was a kid and they were always leagues ahead of anyone else’s! She’s a total genius with a sewing machine! I’ve always loved the smells the cold weather the dressing up and of course the sweets! But as I got older the Magic wore off! I hated taking my kids trick or treating! Hated it! It felt like begging and very few people who’s door we would knock on would actually be happy to see us! Then one year I remember sitting in my lounge with the lights off hoping nobody would knock on my door and wake the baby, I felt very sad! I envied the Americans and how they celebrated it in a big way! The year after I casually mentioned to my mum that perhaps if we threw a party we wouldn’t need to traipse all over the place with the children and that we could actually have some FUN! So we went out and bought a few decorations to start ourselves off, then trawled Pinterest and spent weeks making decorations and costumes (I made a 6ft haunted tree last year out of papier-mâché lol)  and boom the magic was back! We invited friends and children! It was an absolute blast and it has gotten bigger and bigger every year! I’m going to need to buy
a bigger house soon just for the Halloween parties ??


• Do you think you like to create a darkness in some of your artwork?

I think lots of my work has elements of the ‘alternative’ I’m a massive massive fan of tattoos and tattoo style art! My husband says lots of my work is ‘cartoony’ as he’s definitely more into realism art than what I do. I cut lots in black too which does give things a darker element! I like to think that I see the beauty in the darker side of things! It’s funny as I’m the biggest wuss in the whole world! I can’t watch horror films at all! I can’t stand violence on my TV I want to watch happy light hearted stuff that doesn’t make me feel scared or sad! I’ve been entirely unable to watch the walking dead! The very thought of it terrifies me ?? I have one of those brains that just can’t switch stuff off if I watch something nasty that nastiness stay with me for weeks and weeks afterwards.


How did papercutting find you? 

My best friend bought my daughter a fingerprint tree for her christening in 2012 I was blown away by it, it was so beautiful and so different and it kind of woke something up in me I wanted everything on my walls to be as meaningful and personal, so me being me I researched (I am a researching nut! I love it!) that’s when I came across paper panda on Facebook! I logged into Facebook everyday  to see what miracle she had created just by cutting holes in paper! I couldn’t wrap my head around how she was doing it! Then I read that she was releasing a ‘kit’ where you could try it out for yourself! I bought one of the very first ones! I sat and cut everything in that kit over a whole week and I was utterly hooked! And have been ever since! In the last 4 years I have cut paper 6 out of 7 days a week! That’s a lot of paper and gazillions of blades! Lol!


• Were you arty at school? 

Not at all! My art teacher told me it really wasn’t my thing ? and to stick to my plan of being a midwife. I’ve always had a creative mind and loved making things! I definitely have a knack for thinking outside the box, and always had a million and one ideas for projects and things I could make. But no I couldn’t draw a stick man at school! Papercutting definitely was the catalyst!

14894462_10209681540488745_331738860_o 14881773_10209681540688750_1286116707_o 14881672_10209681540928756_167355473_o

• Do your friends have a pet name for yourself and if so why?

Haha yes I’m affectionately (I hope) named ‘Meaty’  it came about a few years ago when paper panda had her original papercutting group! I met some lifelong friends in that group, and I believe there was a discussion about the ‘Zombie apocalypse’ and how we would survive it (with wine and weapons and the cheddar gorge apparently) I explained (after one or two wines) that as I’m rather voluptuous I would be the ‘meaty baddass’ one and keep everyone else safe! And well Meaty just kind of stuck ?

• How do you find your next design idea?

I have no idea really, at any one time there are a million of them in my head fighting for attention! From time to time it causes dreadful insomnia and then I just need to draw draw draw to just free myself of some so that I can get some sleep again! EVERYTHING inspires me! A walk in the woods, a national trust property (my husband and I are members) a trip away or just a song my daughter is singing (she makes up several songs a day) all can inspire me, my husband finds it amusing that it doesn’t ever switch off.


• Where are you most creative?

At home on my own, with a cuppa and an audio book! Utter bliss and creative heaven.

• What’s your favourite joke?

What ‘Bee’s do you get milk from?

………….Boobee’s ??

• What could you not live without?

My husband! He’s my best friend ! My rock my everything!

And obviously my babies and wine! ?

• Do you ever fangirl over other artists and if so who are your favs?

Absolutely!! Gosh so many! Paper panda (of course!) Sarah Traumbauer (gosh I love her) Marnie ?  Maude white! Kim Anderson! Pixiecraft! I could go on and on!

• So what has been happening for Paperlace?

Oh my gosh I’ve had a hugely exciting year!! I’ve been busy collaborating on a papercutting book with Lou (Paper panda) Sarah Traumbauer (Sarah Traumbauer Creatives) and Suzy Taylor (folk art papercuts) it’s being published by search press and due for release end of November beginning of December! I have the editors copy here in my hands and I can tell you every single tear, sleepless night, bead of sweat has been so worth it! It’s utterly exquisite! It’s called Paper Panda and friends guide to papercutting! It’s available to pre-order now on paper panda’s website! It’s amazing and it’s perfect for EVERYONE, from those that have never cut paper before to those who have been doing it for years, it really is a special thing and I feel incredibly proud of it! My own style has made huge leaps this year and I’m finally feeling very comfortable and a real part of the crazy art community! My templates have been a huge success for me this year through my etsy, and some are even in the paper panda store where I am a guest artist! Squeeeee!

14813351_10209681540448744_527567934_o 14881341_10209681540728751_1182185744_o 14894628_10209681552609048_313758545_o-1

• What can we expect in the future?

Up next is the LLD Christmas emporium and I have something very very exciting for fans! These are extremely important papercuts that I’m putting up for sale! Complete one offs and when you see them you’ll understand why any papercutting fan NEEDS a least one for their happy wall! Squeeeeeing a little bit!

After that is Xmas always an extremely busy time both as a business woman but also as a mum! Then after that I have my very first exhibition coming up in March (march the 25th until may the 7th I think) next year also a paper panda and friends collab alongside Paper panda, not just paper boutique (lee Ann Donaldson), Sarah king (Appleseed papercuts) and Emma king (bluebirds and paper) I feel so very privileged to be showing my work alongside these wonderful artists! It’s a HUGE amount of work and I’m going to have to keep my head down and power through it! With that and Christmas to get through I’m going to likely not know if I’m coming or going! Far from being daunted though I’m excited and invigorated! I cannot wait to see what else 2017 has in store for Paperlace!


What tips can you offer to other women, who are trying to do it all?

Haha whatever you do don’t look at me! I watched Bad mum’s yesterday and giggled the whole way through! She got it bang on! It’s tough trying to be that perfect mum, run a business, be a wife, and full time cleaner (lol) but it’s also fun and unpredictable and imperfect! I’m learning not to reach for perfection but to enjoy the cock ups and the noise.

• What do want for Christmas?

A cancer cure! Too many good people lost to the awful disease!! Failing that a unicorn and lots wine will do! ?













Paper panda guest artist…..


Paper panda the book!!


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